Saturday, March 1, 2014

Jump Rings Etsymetal Challenge

Each month I try to participate in the Theme challenge hold by Rebecca from EtsyMetal team, team which I'm a proud member of :)
This was the first challenge of 2014 and the theme this month was a Component Challenge = Jump Rings. The instructions: Make a piece of jewelry with your own interpretation of the theme.
I made this necklace with jump rings galore: round wire, square wire and half round wire rings, and added a few big hammered rings and little knots. It was fun :) 
I will soon list it @ aroluna

Friday, February 21, 2014

Last challenge -2013

The last Etsymetal theme challenge of 2013 was in November. The theme was Flower Power, the instructions: make a piece of jewelry with your own interpretation of the theme. 
I make this pair of earrings with sterling silver and beautiful amethyst beads.

You can find them here: Violet

I'm currently working on the first challenge of 2014. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sister Store: Lunamora

Some time ago I decided to spread my work into a new Etsy store... and now it's open:
You will see @ lunamora many of the pieces you already knew from aroluna

But much more is coming...
To celebrate the opening, everything is 20% Off this month!
Use Coupon Code: OPENING
I hope you like and visit the sister stores during this holiday season:
See you around!
Love and laugh~

Monday, October 7, 2013

Downton Abbey~~ EtsyMetal Challenge

The challenge we had on EtsyMetal team for September was to create a piece inspired by the show Downton Abbey. I had never seen the show, so I looked for it and watched the first two seasons in a row, quite hooked up. I have to confess I had to use the captioning, because I was missing a lot otherwise, I'm not used to the English accent -remember English is not my first language, Spanish is :)
So inspired in the absolutely gorgeous wardrobe and jewelry I made this pair of chandelier earrings with moonstone and little garnet beads. What do you think, would Lady Mary Crawley wear them ? 

These earrings will not be for sale at aroluna for now.
Laugh and love as much as possible~

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Romance: EtsyMetal Jewelry Challenge

One of the things I love of EtsyMetal team is the variety of challenges offered. I am currently trying to participate in the monthly themed challenges. September challenge was "Romance" and this is the piece I created, just for it and thinking of my husband of 25 years, whom I am loving :)

 Last month's challenge was: "Hidden Message"  and this is the pendant I created:

I enjoy participating in these challenges and I'm getting ready for the next one :)

Laugh and Love~~

Thursday, April 5, 2012

All about me

While taking time to take the photos of my new items for aroluna to post them here, dear Betsy from betsybensen published a post featuring me at a wonderful blog. Etsyworld is the blog from the Etsy team In the making (imteam) where I'm a proud member. Lovely Betsy posted quite a few pictures, take a look and feel free to comment if you want! While there take also a peak at other posts on the blog, I particularly recommend the Real studio managers posts and the Spotlights, all very interesting reads!

One more picture of my space I took these days:
 As always my recommendation and wish for everyone, starting by myself ;)
  Laugh and Love!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

More Motley Pendants

On going fun making new motley pendants, here with little turquoise pebbles that I love. The combination of the  sky blue with the oxidized silver is fabulous!
Here at aroluna
Laugh and Love~~

Monday, March 19, 2012


And another customer request translates in a change in the sizes. Melanie wanted one of my wrapped hearts but much smaller.
These are a couple of photos of the process on my bench:

and the end result:

You can find them at aroluna soon.
I hope you and Melanie like them :)
Laugh and Love~

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wild Side

I enjoy myself so much making these asymmetric irregular, I'd say bohemian, pendants, that my only hope is that my lovely customers new and old will like them too, so I can keep making them :))) pleasure for everyone!
If you didn't see them yet, they are at aroluna: the Motley and Wild pendants:

Laugh and Love~


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bitsy anklet and bracelet

I love when customers ask me for special sizes or little changes. I get the most from those opportunities to add something to my material.
Donna wanted a knots anklet but much delicate than the 20gauge wire I was using.
So I made one with 22g and one with 24g .
She chose the thinnest one, and I'm sure she will love it. It's delicate though keeping the rustic appearance of the thicker knots.
These pictures are from the  Bitsy anklet made with 22gauge wire.

Thank you Donna!